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Umair Rehman

Experience 7+ Years

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Umair is a PowerHouse high-performance personal trainer and coach and uses Hypertrophy, Strength and Conditioning, Functional and Sport Specific elements as part of his training toolkit.

“I am not just your Personal Trainer - I will be your COACH. 24/7 access for support and help, any question, anytime."


1. Strength and Conditioning

Resistance training isn’t always about dumbbells and weights, and fat loss isn’t always about cardio. I utilize my skills and background to program workouts including aspects from both areas, using all forms of equipment, and endless variety of movement and exercises and the whole gym, to yield results of a high caliber, helping to gain lean body mass and reduce bodyfat, increase strength and overall fitness.

2. Powerlifting and Strongman/Strongwoman Principles

Compound and Strength movements are essential to any muscle building and strength program, but also be an important element in training to help drive fat loss, ramp up metabolism and increase bone density.

Hypertrophy Training Body Building,Fat loss Expert, Mass Gaining, Weight loss, Functional Training, Strengthening, Stretching, and Workout Tailor.

3. Fat Loss and Nutrition

Both these elements go hand in hand with each other and must compliment your training properly. Without a nutrition plan in place, you will never reach your goal no matter how structured your training program is. Whilst understanding Principles of Nutrition, I can personally help with your nutrition plan, weight loss formula and muscle building elements of diet, to compliment your bespoke personal training program. All these combined will ensure results you strive for.

4.High Intensity Interval Training

I have had great success in clients using HIIT training to gain they results that they always wanted, and will help you achieve this too through these fun HIIT workouts to leave you feeling lighter, stronger, fitter and happy.

5.Group Fitness Training

Why not invite your friends too for a enjoyable and effective session, while cutting the costs down and having a great time? Make Personal Training more affordable, the more friends you invite, the cheaper your session becomes! What are you waiting for?! Message me today! “


I am one of very few coaches who can cross over between PT'ing or being your Transformation coach...and yes there is a big difference. PT sessions are more workout focused and are charge by the session or block of session, where a Transformation Coach will charge for the transformation or the result you want.

Because of this, my Transformation coaching has a 90% success rate in delivering results.


  • Coach of the Year 2017
  • Best Service Excellence Award-2016
  • Home Of Rixos Award 2017 Palm Jumeira
  • Runner Up in District Bodybuilding Competition
  • Silver Medalist in Mr. Pakistan 2015
  • Gold Medalist in Weight-Lifting in PBBF Olympic games
  • Mr Hazara 2015
  • Mr jr District Haripur 2015
  • Gold Medalist 65 KG category 2016

Abdel Karim Benimoun

  • Swimming coach for adults and kids from age 3
  • Specialized in: Floating and Breathing Techniques, Freestyle,Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly Stroke.
  • Qualifications: ASCA Level 1 & 2 Certification (American Swimming Coaches Association) Swimming Coach Certifications from the Moroccan Protection Civil
  • First Aid Certification from the Moroccan Red Cruesent Association
  • Work Experience Certification: Athletic manager assistance & Swimming coach for 5 years in The American school of Tangier, Morocco
  • Duty Time: 6am to 10pm - 4pm to 10pm

Delmin Delson

Experience: 10 years

  • Body Type : Ectomorph, Natural Athletic body with Zero suppliments.
  • Achievements: Appreciation for maintaining the same physique for the last 7years without any suppliments from all federations in india. Transformed 109 clients from fat to fit.
  • Specialized In : Natural Athletic Physique, Fat loss Expert, Mass Gaining, Body Building, Pillates Training, Functional Training, Strengthening and Group Training.
  • Qualification: Passed out from International Sports Science Association with Golden Star
  • Duty Time: 8am to 12pm - 4pm to 11pm (can be Flexible with PT Clients)

Mohamed Rafi

  • Martial Arts Trainer in Karate, Kickboxing, Muaythai & MMA.
  • 5th Degree Karate Black Belt approved by World kar International Olympic Committee & KAI
  • 4th Degree Black belt under Renbukan Karate, Trevi - Italy & 3rd Degree Black Belt in full contact Karate & Kickboxing
  • UAE Certified Referee / Judge.
  • Recent Professional Achievements: Muaythai Champion 2018, Abudhabi. / Kickboxing Champion 2018, Dubai. /Karate Champion 2018, JKS Dubai. /Budokan Cup International Karate champion 2018, Dubai.
  • Personal Training Motives:Achieve fitness objectives & dreams of the client. ,Provide general body fitness sessions & body flexibility. , Provide competition oriented hard training session. , Identify & Create Future Champions in Karate, Kickboxing, Muaythai & MMA

Jocelyn Cantano

Professional Qualification and Abilities
  • 6 years of experience health fitness "Net fit" and has a net fit certificate.
  • Graduate of Bachelor of Education major in "PHYSICAL EDUCATION" minor Dancing and Singing.
  • 5 years as a Physical Educator of Arm Forces of the Philippines.
  • 5 years of experience as Trainer of Zumba and Strong Zumba.
  • Level 2 reps Circuit Trainer.
  • Speaker of a Woman in power.
  • Zumba Certificate
  • Duty Time: 8am to 11am 5pm to 14pm ( Can be Flexilble with PT Clients )

Lekan Ismail

Experience: 8years

  • Body Type : Mesomorph.
  • Specialized in :Muscle Gain,Fat Loss,Diet Plan,Fitness,Training,Group Training.
  • Qualification: Level 3 Dubai Certified personal Trainer(UAE reps), Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • Duty Time: 12pm to 5pm - 7pm to 12pm

Rahim Basheer

Experience: 10years

  • Body Type : Mesomorph.
  • Specialized in : Fitness Training, Fat Burning Programs, Bodybuilding, Fitness Motivation, Body Massage
  • Qualification: Passed out from L&M Fitness Academy
  • Duty Time: 6am to 11 am - 4pm to 10pm (can be flexible with personal training)